The work of the artists' association
Tobias Gall, Chairman of the Künstlersonderbund (2008 - 2020)

The Künstlersonderbund in Germany is an artist association, founded in 1990, whose purpose it is, in particular, to promote and support artists, in the field of painting and sculpture in their work realistic tendencies of high quality sustainable and more generally the realism of the present or the objectivity to give as part of an innovative artistic modernity to the public a greater awareness and effectiveness. The Association is organized as a non-profit organization, which is recognized through the promotion of art and culture by the tax authorities as a tax-privileged and entitled to issue donation receipts.

As an artist association consisting of about 100 artistic members who are supported by an approximately equal number of sustaining members, the only honorary board of KSB sees its activities mainly supported by three pillars:

Focus is the effort, the realism of the present as well as the artistic work of its members to gain a greater effect in the public perception in that the Künstlersonderbund performs exhibitions of the works of its members. Since its 20th anniversary the KSB occurs even as an organizer and shows major exhibitions of contemporary realism. Since January 2004 the KSB runs at his office a gallery space, where the works of its all year changing members can be seen. He teaches its members and the general public also on the realism of the present with its publication "Gallery", which appears regularly since 2002.

As an artists association the Künstlersonderbund sees it as his other main task to encourage and convey a diverse intellectual and artistic but also social interaction and discourse of his artistic members.

Especially for its associate members the KSB tried to give regularly effective insight into the artistic work of realism of the present, in which he performs studio and exhibition visits and discussions with artists of KSB. Supporting members will also receive an annual limited pressure from the hand of a member of a specially created annual gift.

Finally, through this website, the Künstlersonderbund in Deutschland 1990 e.V. tries to provide greater attention to his concerns and the art of its members.

On the future objectives of the Kuenstlersonderbund
Christoph Wetzel, Chairman of the executive committee (2007 - 2008)

The 'Kuenstlersonderbund in Deutschland e.V.' is a national association of more than one hundred artists whose work is traditionally objective-figurative realism. Founded in 1990, it was originally conceived as a secession from the 'Deutscher Kuenstlerbund' but today assumes a unique position.
As early as 1903 the 'Berliner Secessionists' under the leadership of Max Liebermann and Lovis Corinth sought to differentiate themselves artistically from the academic tradition as well as support younger artists who would later became the Expressionists.

In an age flooded by images from the media, realism is neither a rigid principle for the artists of the Kuenstlersonderbund, nor a limiting theory but rather high regard for life itself, reality that can be personally experienced. High standards of artistic and technical expertise within a 'readable' pictorial language are the common denominators which unify the diversity of styles among these artists. It is this fundamental precept which makes this association unique to Germany.

The logo and motto 'Est Modus in Rebus' of the Kuenstlersonderbund refer to the maxim that 'there is a proper measure in things', certain limitations as opposed to the limitlessness and anonymity evi-denced in the art scene today.

The Kuenstlersonderbund is a non-profit organization that also has about 120 members who regularly sponsor the activities of the association. At the end of each year sponsors are presented with a limited-edition, signed engraving by an artist in recognition of their support.

The dialogue on contemporary realism will continue to be advanced in annual exhibitions, talks with artists in their studios and in the information-pamphlet 'Galerie' published semi-annually. In 1993 and 1996 the Kuenstlersonderbund held two major showings in the Martin-Gropius-Bau as well as 2006 in the 'Museum for Communication' in Berlin. In the future, however, annual showings of the Kuenstler-sonderbund will not only be held in Berlin, as they have been previously, but nation-wide as well.

Brief history of the Kuenstlersonderbund
Fritz-Peter Hoppe, Chairman of the executive committee (1999 - 2007)

The founding of the 'Kuenstlersonderbund in Deutschland' (Special Artist Guild in Germany) in April 1990 was essentially a secession from the 'Deutscher Kuenstlerbund'. Many members of the guild whose work was objective-figurative rather than non-objective felt that they were not being adequately and suitably represented.

As a result, Manfred Bluth, then professor of fine arts in Kassel, took the initiative and together with other artists whose work demonstrated the same high quality, continuity and originality – Giesela Breitling, Tremezza von Brentano, Johannes Gruetzke and Ludmilla Seefried-Matêjková – founded the Berlin-based 'Kuenstlersonderbund'. Its main objective was to institute an independent and creative forum as a means to better inform the media and increase public awareness of realism as a legitimate constituent of modern art.

In 1993 and 1996 the guild held two major exhibitions in the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. Starting in 2001 annual showings were held in the Kommunale Galerie in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Efforts to further public awareness were supplemented in 2002 by a pamphlet called 'Galerie' which is published semi-annually and serves as a forum for commenting on issues related to realistic art.

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